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Helen Salamakha
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Prince Mal

The Prince Mal memorial. This was the year 945, Igor the prince of Kiev Rus customarily went over the Slave tribes, submitted to him, gathering for annual tributes. That time it was the turn to Drevlianys. This tribe was called so because they live "among trees" (drevo-"tree") so their land was completely covered by forests. The Drevliany capital city was Iskorosten (Korosten). It was formidable fort and the dwellers with their chief Prince Mal didn't have any passion for the power of Kiev. That year Kiev's prince Igor was trying to gather double size tribute and Drevlianys decided to kill him. Prince Igor was captured and tied to the two bented down birches, which teared him to peaces. After that Drevliany chief Prince Mal even was going to marry with kiev's princess dowager Olga. But Olga enjoyed his confidance and deceived him. She burned out Iskorosten with all its inhabitants together with Prince Mal... This was year 945.