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Helen Salamakha
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Goryanskaya rotunda

Goryanskaya rotunda - a unique monument of ancient Russian architecture, extant in its original form. Shrine of St. Anne in the form of hexagons with walls of 2-2.5 m thick, apparently, was the fortified castle chapel. About the time of construction there are different versions, the official date is mid. XIII century. According to legend, a rotunda was built by Gragissa princess, who owned the castle Goryanskiy in the XIII century. When the castle was captured by tycoon Matos Chuck Trenčín to escape dishonor, Gragissa forever gone to the castle dungeon, where her heart is still awaiting release. In the XV century. St. Nicholas Church nave was built. Frescoes, executed in 1360-70 years. by Italian craftsmen remained in the shrine up to now.