Nevytsky Castle - photos-from-ukraine


Helen Salamakha
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When I was a child I played in cardboard castles,
Rescued my little sister
From her box piled tower,
And dreamt of Knights in olden times,
Doing exploits for their King.  

Now my life is made of substance,
And dull grey concrete days,
Reality has taken over,
And that
‘once upon a time’
Like a picture from a pop-up story book
Rich in vibrant colours
Is fading at the speed of light.  

There against the sky
That stonewalled fortress
Towers above this world,
Where dreams and poems are made.
The stronghold’s shadows dance
To the beat of a toy tin-drum
My sister calls still for help
From any passing one.
And I am limping home
Though it seems I’
ve just begun.

Gerard Shea
"hI Helen, I wrote this poem inspired by your dramatic shot of the castle, feel free to use it…"